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Dr Martin E Gosnell

Martin E. Gosnell received his Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical engineering with first class honours from the University of Technology at Sydney in 2001, with major work in control, robotics, vision, learning and pattern recognition. His honours thesis received a score of 100%.

He was awarded the I.E.E. (London) engineering prize in 1998. His Ph.D. was completed at Macquarie University in 2014 in the area of hyperspectral characterisation of cells. Martin has worked as an engineer and scientist for CSIRO and by contract to the university of Queensland and Newcastle, and as a design engineer and research scientist for consumer electronics manufacturing companies in the areas of computer brain interface, intelligent recognition systems, laser applications and audio for which he has received eight industry design awards.

His interests include applied mathematics, control, information theory, hyperspectral and image analysis, algorithm and classification system design.

Doctor Martin E. Gosnell is a Macquarie University PhD graduate who has developed IP in the areas of label free characterisation of cells, based on hyperspectral imaging and targeted projection pursuit. Completing his Bachelor of Engineering Degree with First Class Honours at University of Technology Sydney in 2001, he was awarded the prestigious IEE Prize in 1998 by the Institute of Electrical Engineers for his "Learn by Watching Robot" system design. Dr Gosnell has worked as a senior research and design engineer within concept, software and hardware with over 18 years for private enterprise and by contract to universities and CSIRO.

Martins multi-disciplinary background facilitates great opportunity in merging technology and biology. And has engaged in a variety of programs with medical research institutions, hospitals and universities across Australia the USA and Soviet union.

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