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Dr Ayad Anwer

Ayad Anwer, is a Microbiologist, Microscopist and a biological specimen preparation expert.


He completed his B.Sc. degree in Microbiology in 1991, followed by a Master Degree in biology in 1997 . His PhD research was focused on Laser application in biology and biophotonics.


After finishing his PhD in 2003, he was employed at The Laser Institute for Postgraduate Studies, University of Baghdad, as a lecturer then Associate Professor.


In 2007 Dr Anwer received a prestigious Endeavour Australian Fellowship at Macquarie University. He joined the Biofocus Research Group at Macquarie University in 2009 as a research fellow. In 2012, he completed his Master degree in Microscopy and microanalysis at the University of Sydney under the supervision of Associate Professor Filip Braet, his research focused on correlative confocal and electron microscopy.


Since 2007 Dr Anwer has been working in many areas of biophotonics including autofluorescence of biological specimens, laser biostimulation and many years experience with the hyperspectral image analysis group.


As the Head of Biophotonics and Imaging for Quantitative, Dr Anwer provides services and expertise in the areas of cellular culturing, biomarker assays, hyperspectral confocal and electron microscopy, sample preparation, pathology, optogenetics and correlative microscopy.

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