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Biophotonics and Imaging

Our experience allows us to offer hyperspectral imaging services along with bio-analysis and quantification where we will unmix the spectral information from your images into abundance information.


This has been employed in a host of studies to provide insight into metabolic mechanisms in cases of disease, differentiation and genetic modification.


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Hyperspectral autofluorescence imaging is a particularly powerful non-invasive way of obtaining biochemical signatures and metabolic information from biological specimens, whether plant or animal, live or fixed.

We can cross correlate our data with a host of markers and stains and have complex tracking and motion adjusted algorithms which allow us to handle live cell correlative microscopy.

Cellular and tissue fluorophores can exist in free or protein bound forms each with its own unique spectra, our colour spectral projections and abundance analysis allow you to quantify and visualise the differences  and heterogeneity of this biochemistry.

Using our high through-put imaging methods we are able to produce highly statistically significant results for a range of biologically significant features.

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